MKDS2484+ PowerGrade & 3D Color Lookup Table(LUT) for Log Profiles (like Panasonic GH5 or GH6)


MKDS2484+ PowerGrade & 3D Color Lookup Table(LUT) is a beautiful Powergrade and accompanying 3D Lut that grades from a Log Gamma such as the Panasonic Gh5 or Panasonic Gh6 V-Log-L to a Rec 709 gamma with a custom cinematic look similar to the output of a Kodak 2383. The primary benefits of having the PowerGrade as opposed to just the Lookup Table are:

  • Increased level of control over the color transform. You can use this PowerGrade to transform from V-Log-L or change it to accommodate any Input Color Space and Gamma. Simply adjust the Input CST(Color Space Transform) to match your camera profile.
  • Better management of macro-blocking in highly saturated highlights for example in the sky.
  • Separation of color hue shifts in a separate node to modify the amount or even disable it completely.


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MKDS 2484+ PowerGrade - Davinci Resolve

In this example you can see the PowerGrade in action. The input is Panasonic Gh5 Vlog-L footage and the output is the result with the application of the PowerGrade.

One thing to note is that if you were using a traditional Kodak 2383 3D LUT, or even the MKDS 2484+ 3D LUT instead of the PowerGrade you have higher chances of getting macro-blocking in the saturated highlights (especially here in the blue sky.) As you can see, by using the PowerGrade, you avoid most of the issue and most importantly, you can play with the specific settings of each node if necessary to improve your specific situation.

Beach Example - Panasonic GH5 VLOG-L Beach After - Panasonic GH5 Vlog-l to Rec709 with MKDS 2484+ PowerGrade

In the following example, you can see the MKDS 2484+ PowerGrade applied to a closeup shot of a flower with tons of detail and bokeh.

Thanks to the flexibility of using the PowerGrade instead of the 3DLUT, you can easily change the white balance and grade of the shot in prior/post nodes while preserving all the range that was captured.

* NOTE: For best results apply denoise, white balance and exposure corrections when needed prior to the Color Shift 3D LUT node.

Flower Before - Panasonic GH5 VLog-L Flower After - Panasonic Gh5 Vlog with MKDS 2484+ PowerGrade Applied


  • PowerGrade provided in DRX Format for Davinci Resolve.
  • 3D LUT Provided in .cube format.
  • Video documentation on how to use it.

Watch the Video

Learn how to easily import and apply the MKDS 2484+ PowerGrade.