The benefits of automation are well known. DaVinci Resolve has become one of the best video editors in the market primarily because of its awesome set of color correction tools. However, over the years it has evolved to become a full editor, capable in every possible way.

One of the least known features that DaVinci Resolve offers is its ability to run automated routines from a scripting API. In other words, with the help of Python or LUA, you may come up with code that runs tasks for you. From simple tasks like creating and deleting projects to much more complex tasks like importing a comprehensive media pool structure and create timelines from the clips found within the tree, applying custom LUTs and/or grades to one or many clips and finally rendering all clips with custom presets.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Why does it matter?

We live in a digital media dominated world. Production of videos is becoming second nature to millions of Tik-Tokers and YouTubers. And businesses are looking at video production as a way to attract more of their audience to their products and services.

What happens inevitably is that eventually, all that production becomes repetitive and time consuming. That’s where automation via Python can be a time-saver and provide incredible value.

DaVinci Resolve Scripting API – State of Things

Blackmagic Design has included the Python API to be able to control a good amount of complex tasks inside of DaVinci Resolve, however, their documentation currently is very limited. Although they are very good at providing free training on how to use their software, at the same time, they haven’t devoted the same level of attention to the scripting API. It is difficult, if not impossible to find great quality information and tutorials on how to use it. offers an interactive DaVinci Resolve Scripting Documentation Cheat Sheet that helps alleviate some of that. And also, you may check the YouTube channel in order to get specific training on how to use the API hands-on.

The future of digital media is here and automation is without a doubt part of a successful strategy to win and maintain your audience’s attention.