DaVinci Resolve API audio import into specific track and position script


Do you need to import audio in a particular track at a particular frame automatically using the DaVinci Resolve Software but don’t want to waste time figuring it out? This script does exactly that: imports your audio at the right time in the right track and does it using the DaVinci Resolve API. Why is that special? That means you can automate it. It doesn’t matter if you need to import 1 audio file into your timeline or if you need to import 1 audio file in 1000 timelines, this script would serve as the foundation of your automation routine.

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Unleash the Power of DaVinci Resolve API for audio import! Experience the Mind-Blowing Magic of importing audio files in the right track at the right spot! This short script will blow your mind and make automated importing of audio as simple as it should be.

Discover the ultimate shortcut to adding audio to your project in seconds. Say Goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to effortless efficiency. Get Ready to transform your timeline with the Click of a Button!