DaVinci Resolve API Autocompletion for Sublime Text 3


AlexTheCreative DaVinci Resolve API Auto-completion Plugin for Sublime Text 3 Mac OS X is the perfect tool for any creative professional wanting to dive deeper into the world of automation of video. This plugin makes coding with the DaVinci Resolve API much faster and easier with no memorization required. Type what you remember and bam- you are presented with the right options. Stop wasting time and start automating with the AlexTheCreative DaVinci Resolve API Auto-completion Plugin for Sublime Text 3 Mac OS X!

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The DaVinci Resolve API contains dozens of methods for a multitude of objects: timelines, folders, mediapool, mediaStorage and much more. If you are interested in creating automation routines using Python and the DaVinci Resolve API inevitably, you’ll have to consume your time going back and forth between the documentation and your code. However, once you get familiarized with the AlexTheCreative Documentation Cheat Sheet, you’ll find that you can reduce the amount of time it takes to code when you have code completion in place.

Even if you still need the documentation to easily check for the method’s signature, explanation and return values, you will code much faster by not having to copy paste each method.

Normal plugins often match the beginning of the prefix with the beginning of the methods. However, this plugin is designed to match any part of the prefix with the method definition. The result? You don’t have to remember the beginning of the method names, instead just type any part that you remember to easily select from the auto-completion dropdown.

This plugin is designed for Sublime Text version 3 on Mac OS X, however, per the Sublime Text 4 documentation, this plugin should work with version 4.