Instagram Reel Auto Video Stack 3


The ultimate solution for effortless and stunning Instagram content creation! Say goodbye to time-consuming video stacking with our game-changing DaVinci Resolve project (.drp file). Seamlessly plug in your three videos, hit render, and get ready to unveil an incredible Instagram reel that will captivate your audience. Embrace convenience and be prepared to level up your social media game effortlessly!

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With this DaVinci Resolve project (.drp file) you can bypass the tedious task of stacking three videos on an Instagram ready timeline. Instead, simply plug the three videos, render them out and you have a new Instagram reel ready for upload!

On top of that, this product includes a DaVinci Resolve API script that automates the process for you. If you are on Mac OS X running Python3.7 or higher, and you have installed the DaVinci Resolve API,  you can use this script to automate the process of replacing the videos in the project and get a new reel within minutes. All you have to do is enter the video paths when prompted and the script replaces the videos automatically for you.

This product is perfect for travel blog influencers that know how to code but haven’t used DaVinci Resolve’s API. Also it works for anybody with an Instagram account that wants to use DaVinci Resolve to create a “stacked” style video reel with ease.


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